Ghost Writing

Are you in need of a ghostwriter?  Someone that can help you flesh out a fictional story or write creative non-fiction from your perspective?  Let me help you with your writing needs and get your story where it needs to be.

Speech Writing

Do you have an upcoming speaking engagement where you will be speaking in front of large audiences or a small group?  Let me help you create a narrative that engages your listeners so that you can successfully share your ideas.

Press Release

Does your company or small business need a press release written and distributed?  I can help you with that process, writing the press release, then, once approved getting it released on the appropriate sites.


Creating Time

Time is the one resource we all have in common.  I want to help you use your time effectively.  I want to give you back your time to focus on the products and services your business will be offering.  Time is money and I want to help you be successful in getting your narrative in front of people with language that produces results

Narrative Guidance

You have a narrative you want developed so that you can see results within your business.  I will work with you, asking questions that help me build the right narrative for you and your needs.  Your success is my success and I want to create a lasting partnership for years to come.


Next Steps...

I look forward to chatting with you and working together to create a narrative for your business, project, or speaking engagement.