Strange Worlds Await

Are you ready for your next great adventure

This alternate-history steampunk western contains action, adventure, magic, and a mystery that will change the Western Native Lands forever.

In 1893 Dallas, Texas, Annie Sakdavong has just graduated top of her class from college as a steam engineer but must still do an apprenticeship with a master steam engineer, Issa Obasi.

Now, their adventure takes them to the Western Native Lands while death tolls rise and villains close in on Issa and Annie’s life and work. As they get closer to the truth, will they overcome dangerous enemies and their own self-doubts to win the day?

Can you hear?
The stories are calling.
They’re going to be a blast.
Witches and genies howl in the darkness, surrounded by the flames. Can you handle the call?
This collection includes imaginative stories from a diverse group of authors. Inside you’ll find space operas, fantasies, and adventure. These up-and-coming authors are showing off their best work to capture your imagination and keep you guessing.

The Underdogs Rise brings together talent from across the country to excite you and keep you turning pages to the very end. Sci-fi and fantasy allow for the most creative stories to be told. The worlds a writer builds are like no other and can give you a glimpse into what was or could be.

Speculative fiction is a thing unto itself, full of wonder and wisdom, creativity, and imagination. You can find my story, Reflections, here in the first anthology of the North Texas Speculative Fiction Workshop.

The stories within these pages will satisfy your craving for fantasy, science fiction, and horror tales. Stories about growing up in the space age, a housewife who hunts the homeless for dinner, the magic and horror of mirrors and shades, an intergalactic triathlon, a magic shad, and more. Grab your coffee curl up in your favorite chair, and dive into wonder from our workshop members.

Imagine wagon trains to space or gunslingers riding in rickety ships. Endless possibilities open themselves when you mix westerns and and science fiction.

Thanks to Cat Rambo and David Boop I was able to participate in this amazing anthology and share a new take on an old classic. I got to coauthor Riders of the Endless Void with Cat Rambo and it was an amazing experience working with her. I look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts on this story. Please remember to leave a review.