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About Me

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About Me

Update: 3/24/2023

Great News! My first novel is coming out on 7/20/2023, and It’s called The Engineer’s Apprentice. You can preorder now on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel.

Writing has been my passion since childhood.  I used to tell stories to my friends all the time.  Writing and practicing stories in the mirror was something I did most weekends.  During two consecutive summer camps, I was even allowed to tell stories as part of the camp activities.

I seek to write stories that are inclusive, showing a more diverse slice of life from the typical stories that are seen.  The rich tapestry of life is not expressed often enough in the stories we watch or read and I hope to change that in the stories I tell.

I also seek to assist creators who struggle to find the right words when speaking to others.  Communication is the key to success in life and having a great idea that dies on the vine due to lack of effective communication can be avoided with guidance from the right person.

That’s where I want to help.

I look forward to bringing diverse stories to life and also helping you create your successful narrative.

Next Steps…

I look forward to chatting with you and working together to create a narrative for your business, project, or speaking engagement.Let’s Work Together